Students are sent to the school clinic in cases of illness or accident where a qualified nurse is in attendance to administer first aid. Parents will be notified immediately if the situation warrants taking the child home, to the doctor, or to the hospital. If the school decides the child must be taken immediately to the hospital, the parents will be rung and the nurse will accompany the child and stay with them until a parent arrives.

A medical form is completed on registration and any relevant information is given to the school nurse. If a child is diagnosed with specific health condition(s), parents are requested to inform the school and the information will be passed on to the nurse. In addition, if a child is required to take medication during school hours parents are also requested to notify the school. The nurse will store all medications in a properly-labelled container in the school clinic. She will administer medicines as directed by the doctor’s instructions and return any unused medicines to parents.

A child with an infectious disease must remain at home. In order to return to school, parents must submit a medical report from a registered physician to the Office Manager and Head Supervisor.

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