Parents Duties & Involvement  

The main roles of parents are to motivate their child/ren, promote the value of good education, and provide a suitable atmosphere at home which is conducive to learning.

Parents are requested to encourage their children to read daily at home by supplying them with reading material and by making sure that their children see their parents read. Parents should also encourage computer usage at home with their adequate guidance. They are also expected to continually follow their child/ren’s academic and personal progress and promptly communicate with the school should they have any queries or concerns.

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Student performance is tracked by the school academic managers who meet with parents to discuss such issues that are necessary. These administrators follow a system that enables them to:

1. Compare the child’s performance to the normal academic and behavioural international standards for children of that age range.

2. Integrate and organize all the pieces of information about the student. Such information comes from various sources such as teachers’ reports, supervisors’ reports, the nurse’s reports, the student’s achievement and history file.

3. Make valid assessments and design work plans wherever necessary depending on the above.

4. Implement these plans together with parents, teachers and other appropriate staff.

5. Give feedback to parents and administration.

Parents and guardians who entrust their children to the school are expected to accept and support decisions in all matters relating to the school system and regulations.
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