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The role of the Student Society is to involve students in all aspects of their school life - essential for their social and emotional development, beneficial for their academic progress, and integral in creating an environment where cooperation, responsibility and good discipline prevail. Student leaders learn to be resourceful, good problem-solvers, idea-contributors, promoters of school activities, dependable, and people who can work with others and who exemplify positive attitudes about their schools and communities. As well as leadership, there are many other ways for students to get involved, be part of wider school life and extend their range of skills and abilities. The Student Society also offers teaching staff opportunities to participate in student life through their guidance of particular student activities and involvement in school events and trips. A commitment by teachers is essential in providing supervision and maintaining links between faculty members and students; it is an expected part of a teacher’s job at the school.

The Student Society Officer is the staff member responsible for leadership of the Student Society. This person is accountable to the School Director and oversees the work of the student committees, and liaises with the teaching and administration staff and also applicable persons and organisations external to the school.

The following Student Committees each have a student head and prefects to assist.

1. Academic Department
   - Academic support: honour-listed students support other students
   - Group Leaders: help teachers in class

2. Discipline Department
   - Class Prefects: replace teachers when they are absent or late
   - Indoor/Outdoor Prefects: help supervisors to maintain good discipline
   - Anti-bullying Prefects: make sure there is no student bullying/advise others not to bully/hold anti-bullying awareness campaigns, ie create posters

3. Management Department
   - Data Entry: enter names and create lists for school trips etc
   - Office Work: upload pictures on the school website etc
   - Year Book Prefects: help with the design, layout and collection of material for the publication
   - Lost and Found: collect lost items (clothes, books, lunchboxes etc), store and redistribute them

4. Activities Department
   - Clubs: Art, Music, Chess, Basketball, Volleyball, Football
   - Event Organizers: prepare for trips, workshops, charity programs, competitions, school activities, community service activities etc
   - Photography: take photos during events

5. Outreach Department
   - Recruitment for student life roles: recruit prefects and heads of departments

Students can volunteer for Student Society roles by speaking to the Student Society Officer or to teachers about their interests and preferences. In addition, the Outreach Department actively encourages students in all areas of participation. Students of all grades can be involved. Committees meet according to their particular schedule or activities and work in close liaison with the Student Society Officer and the teachers assisting them.

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